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*To be approved for the volunteer program, you must be 19 years of age or older. Due to liability constraints, we do not accept volunteers requiring high school community service hours, or court-appointed volunteer credit. Please also note that although fun, volunteering can be very physically demanding. *


To be approved for the volunteer program you would need to complete a volunteer application and attend an orientation class. links to sign up for classes can be found here and on our events tab. Please note we are now accepting volunteers for dog walking and handling our shelter dogs and Cats. Class registration opens at the beginning of each month.


The orientation class is held in the Education Room, directly across from the main entrance of the shelter. Classes take 1 - 2 hours to complete and class times can be found in the class registrations. 


* Note:  At this time we do not schedule or require a specific amount our volunteer's time.  

Have a question about volunteering? Contact the volunteer instructor at:

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